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Advisory Role

Advising Angels seeks members who desire to serve as mentors and advisors to small, women owned and operated businesses. Impacting entrepreneurs and their business with important business knowledge, skills and contacts and contributing to the success of the business must be an articulated goal and a rewarding experience for our member investors.

A rigorous analysis and due diligence process is necessary for AA to achieve our stated goals and it is a member led process.  Because of our interest in becoming involved in advising and mentoring companies, we recognize that our members time and energy needs to be focused on a very few opportunities.  Realistically, each of our members will be able to provide leadership and tracking of one or two opportunities at a time.

We want to pair a strong member of our investor group with each company so as to limit our risk, apply necessary resources and networking as well as increase the success rate and level of success of the entrepreneurial companies.

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