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Criteria For Investment

We look for situations where the capital sought will take the company to the next level, and materially increase its valuation. Generally, this means the potential for high growth, a strong market position, and a sustainable advantage.

Specifically, we consider the following factors: 

  • A complete, compelling and well articulated business plan and strategy for capturing and defending a significant market share.
  • A market opportunity sufficiently large to create a business with strong potential for significant annual revenues.
  • A strong preference for the company to have at least one or two paying clients
  • Proprietary technology or other strong barriers to competitor entry.
  • Strong management with relevant and successful experience.
  • An exit strategy for the investors.
  • A desire for advice and coaching.
  • An entrepreneur that has made a significant personal investment
  • The company valuation must fit within investor’s risk/reward expectations for the investment. This would include a high ratio between market opportunity and the total investment.
  • A company with the potential to make a significant impact on their local economy through job creation, direct investment, or other ancillary economic benefits.
  • Management willing to donate their time to counsel and coach other early stage companies after three-five years of Advising Angels involvement.