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Entrepreneur Application Process

Advising Angels requires specific information to begin our preliminary due diligence. This informational form is used for our preliminary due diligence. If accepted for further due diligence, we require additional information, including a management presentation to the Advising Angels Investment Committee.

We look for companies that have been in business at least two yeas and can provide information to support that their business plan has proceeded into the early stage phase of development. Our investment strategy is intended to provide capital to companies who have exhausted friends and family and are not ready for the larger venture capital stage. We typically look for investments in the $50,000 and $250,000 range, which may occur in various disbursements.

Advising Angels requires the following:


  • Business Plan
  • Investor Presentation (PPT format)
  • Financial Model (electronic form)
  • Addressable Market Analysis (including customer lists or prospective customers)
  • Barriers to Entry
  • Detailed Capitalization Table (electronic form)
  • Organizational Chart (including directors and advisors)
  • List and Copies of Patents (summarize actions by the PTO)
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Prior Financing Round Documents


Application Information

Please complete the following items so that we may begin our initial due diligence process.  All information is treated as confidential and shared only with those individual investors involved in the evaluation.  Once submitted, you will receive an electronic response and follow up indicating our interest.

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 Market Size & Addressable Market Size: *
 Intellectual Property & Barriers to Entry: *  
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 Capital Request: *  
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 Past Capital 
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